Wonderful Maths Activities

Fraction Monkeys

Maths on BBC Bitesize

Alien AdditionMaths Games to practise the skills and knowledge we have been learning about in class
Starship counting
BBC Fractions
Fraction Tiles
Fraction Games
Tower Blaster -
Maths Match -
Jetski Maths -
Who Wants fo be a Mathsionaire - Can you win the top prize?
Maths Match -
Around the World - Choose from + - x and รท. Two levels easier and harder. Race against the clock
Add it up - Click on the numbered boxes to reach the target.
Sumadd- make an equation from the cards. Can you beat the clock?
Beat the Rocket - Click on the numbers to equal the target number
Speed Grid Challenge- Beat the clock to subtract


Rotation symmetry

Reflection symmetry

Buried Shapes

Guess the angle

Meteor Multiplication -
Get Smart - Test yourself on tables and skip counting
Grand Prix - Join a game and race against others. Who can you beat?
Camel Times Tables - Play Camel Times Tables and record how many you got right.
Start at Medium, what level did you get to without making any errors?
Multplication Game - Can you beat the computer to get 4 in a row?

Time Activities
Telling the Time
clock work - games to tell the time
Time Travel-
Tick Tock Clock- match analog and digital times
Clock Activities

Logic problems - Can you solve the problems (without looking at the solutions)